The young Gasparini arrives in MLB

Marten Gasparini, sixteen of Cervignano del Friuli with a passion for baseball, is about to fulfill a dream. The talentino baseball in our house, is destined to soon wear the coat and the hat of the Kansas City Royals, franchise of Major Lague Baseball.

Gasparini has signed a $ 1.3 million, making it the highest-paid player in Europe between those landed in MLB, as the previous record of $ 750,000 has been thoroughly broken. For he will surely be a big jump, from having to go to Cervignano Tigers Kansas City Royals; will not be easy, but given the great talent that is recognized in Marten, we can definitely say that succeed in the Major will not be an impossible task.

Gasparini could then alongside other early Italian, Alex Liddi, the list of the players of our country to play in the top division of American baseball. Recall that Liddi was the first Italian to debut in MLB, becoming a pillar of the Seattle Mariners.



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