Polar bears Recruit Noebels thinks ahead to NHL

Marcel Noebels stands at the Berlin Polar Bears under contract. Photo: Oliver Mehlis

Marcel Noebels stands at the Berlin Polar Bears under contract. Photo: Oliver Mehlis

By Kilian By Julia and Kristina Puck, dpa

Berlin - The North American professional league was a "tough cookie," says Marcel Noebels. After years in the USA Hockey National Team has recently opened to the polar bear Berlin - and competes against his former club Krefeld on Friday.

The NHL remains in his head - also in Berlin. For use in the best hockey league in the world there has not been enough for Marcel Noebels. After nearly five years in the 22 year old returned overseas so once back to Germany.

But his involvement with the Berlin Polar Bears in the German Ice Hockey League will not be the end of the career ladder for the striker. "I would not be the last time in America," the striker said with striking eyebrows.

Noebels was only 17 when he moved to the US to seek the way to the top. In 2011, the Philadelphia Flyers secured at the talent the draft rights to transfer him to the NHL team the Flyers managed Noebels in the following years, however, do not. So he ran on in the subprime AHL over the past two seasons, especially for the Adirondack Phantoms.

Since last weekend in the attack plagued by injuries polar bears now have another option thanks Noebels. On Friday is for the young attacker and the DEL-record holder in the game against the Krefeld Penguins, who are ninth in the table, four places behind Berlin.

For Noebels it is a special game. Very close he grew up, where he started five years ago with the Hockey on. Later he gave his debut for the Penguins in the DEL. "That will be determined emotionally," says the youngster, who wears the number 92. "Then there are no friends on the ice."

On the outside position Noebels to do with his forward line more pressure on the opponent's goal. Stefan Ustorf, sports director of the polar bear holds much of the rugged newcomer and "very good skater." He is to "fight with his aggressiveness the slices." For the former professional Noebels is mainly due to the long term investment. "He has a lot, a lot of potential," says Ustorf. "We assume that he is getting better day by day."

Also Hockey Head Coach Pat Cortina certifies Noebels "super conditions". At the World Championships he had super inserted into the different roles and situations. 2013 he had as "optimally realized his role as running strong, young player," says Cortina. "His dream of the NHL should not be over, he is still young."

For Polar Bears coach Jeff Tomlinson Noebels not scores with a specified strength, but with his broad skill. "It's really solid and makes very few mistakes," says Tomlinson. He holds the World Cup finalists the past two years for well trained and experienced in spite of his age: "We can put it anywhere." The tip of the obligation of Noebels got polar bears manager Peter John Lee of Rob Zepp. The former goalkeeper who has moved to the United States, time spent with Noebels in training camp - and Lee wrote a message.

Noebels received a three-year contract. The thought of the NHL, he has not given up. "It's been a tough cookie over there," said Noebels. Especially as a foreigner, one must prove themselves in North America. Last season, two violations would have him thrown back. "For me, it applies to attack again," said Noebels. "I'm 22. I have a lot of hockey in front of me."

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