Inter, Zanetti: "Frog can become the new captain"

It 'just finished his playing career, but the love affair with the' Inter. Inter captain Javier Zanetti Former today met at the headquarters of the 'Gazzetta dello Sport' a lucky group of Inter fans, who have been able to ask some questions to the player most representative last 20ennio of the Beloved. Zanetti is still waiting to know what will be his executive role at Inter, but it sure will continue to be part of the family. Moratti in the past publicly promised him a job as vice-president, but now the decisions he takes the new owner Thohir :

"I still have not become vice president, but for sure I will work: now, however I was not even given the tasks. Withdraw the jersey number 4? It would be an honor, I would appreciate very much the gesture but I will not force anyone."

If he was immediately appointed vice-president, Zanetti would immediately caught the ball to extend the contract of Cambiasso, one of the Argentines 'treble' which aimed to continue his association with Inter. In the spirit of 'Moratti', Zanetti would spend a good word for the companion of many battles with the Nerazzurri:

"Cambiasso gave everything, has always proved to be up. The fact that he cared to stay at Inter is demonstrated by the fact that he waited until the last proposal. Cambiasso however, will always remain one of us. Unfortunately there are still vice president and he's already gone, so it's too late to confirm it. "

When one of the fans asked him to find a new captain for his Inter, Zanetti gave a surprising answer, indicating Andrea Ranocchia as his worthy successor: "The new captain? The most suitable is Andrea Ranocchia, is Italian and is perfectly in keeping with the spirit of Inter. The goal is to create an Inter stronger than last year and that points up. " Despite the many rumors about the future of frogs, already close to the transfer market in January, if not that Inter has gone very well in the last period, has now arrived this important sign of esteem that will certainly not go unnoticed to the leadership Inter.

Zanetti also told that when it has decided to stop playing football:

"At the end of the last ten minutes against Livorno on the day of my return to the field again, I decided to stop, but the problem was that after that game I started to feel better and better. So it has become difficult. But it is still better stop whole that when you can not do more "

Her love for Inter has also pushed to reject Real Madrid career, a choice taken jointly with his wife, who has also advised not to pursue a career as a coach:

"It was hard to say no to Real which is a large company, you had to put on the plate that leaves one in Italy and we had a great time with my wife and we decided to stay. If I ever thought of a career as a coach? Mia wife has banned me "

If only to give up coaching will allow Zanetti to continue to remain close to Inter for many years, without forcing his fans to see him defend the colors of other teams.

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