Football Juventus, exclusive: eye Drenthe as an alternative to Armero!

CALCIOMERCATO JUVENTUS Drenthe EXCLUSIVE ARMERO - The transfer market Juventus will have to wait another day of the Champions League before they can begin some negotiations for the January market. The Bianconeri are in fact not yet sure of qualifying since the last match against Shakhtar will be decisive. Juventus just a point against the Ukrainians already qualified. But Lucescu's side does not want to give anything to anyone. In case of qualification to the knockout stage, the company could receive significant money to be reinvested in the market as soon as possible. In the focus of Juventus there are important players but Conte wants to fill some gaps in the rose Juventus. In January, for example Asamoah, outside left Juventus, Juventus will have to leave the group to participate in the African Cup of Nations that lose many games the players involved. Juventus in Giaccherini and De Ceglie important alternatives, only the first is used as a central and on the second there are many doubts in view of the last appearances certainly not positive. The transfer market Juventus has set its sights on Armero, Colombia external class '86 who plays for Udinese. The South American player, however, has an important cost, about 10 million euro, Udinese would not want to miss the player. However, given the many difficulties, the Bianconeri would be thinking of a reinforcement low cost that could become a great deal. We are talking about Royston Drenthe, left outer former Real Madrid, currently free, that despite much wandering still has 25 years and would love to show their talent. Juventus could give the Dutch another chance maybe with a contract until June with the possibility of renewal in case of positive benefits. At the bottom of Drenthe, which in Madrid was deployed as a left-back, is perhaps more suited to play in midfield as external to five Juventus. Drenthe would be happy to wear the shirt of Juventus, would represent a major turning point in his career given that in recent years has shown that talent since young age with the shirt of Holland and Feyenoord. In Turin with the classic professionalism could revive the player.

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