Becky Hammon conducted the first female NBA Stars

Becky Hammon is the first tenured woman in an NBA Club on the coaching staff on the sidelines. Photo: Lukas Schulze

Becky Hammon is the first tenured woman in an NBA Club on the coaching staff on the sidelines. Photo: Lukas Schulze

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Berlin - Becky Hammon stands as the first tenured woman in an NBA club in the coaching staff on the sidelines. Even before the commitment by the San Antonio Spurs was the world-class player of unusual ways. Even her father did not believe in their dream.

Even in the chaotic bustle in training the NBA champions San Antonio Spurs falls Becky Hammon on. She is the first female full-time member of a coaching staff in the North American professional league.

The 1.68 meter tall former world-class player structure is topped up by several heads of the 17 professionals and the dozen or caregivers. With strictly bound back ponytail the 37-year-old commanded the Stars in Berlin with a clear, loud voice.

"It is an honor, but now it should only go to basketball," the assistant head coach Gregg Popovich said on the sidelines of the practice session prior to the test at ALBA Berlin on Wednesday for their role. "Other people see me more as a pioneer as myself."

After a torn ACL Rebecca Lynn Hammon spent, named Becky, already last season as a kind intern at top club from Texas and left the impression success coach. "She argued with us, we went back and forth," recalled Popovich, who led the Spurs to five league titles. "She is a great communicator, has a very high basketball IQ. It is respected by all the players, it was an easy decision. "

During her active career Hammon took not always the usual way. After she was not selected before the 2008 Olympics for the US National Team, she also took part in the Russian citizenship and had to temporarily fend off accusations unpatriotic activities.

When Return of the Summer Games in London four years later Hammon sat just next to Popovich. Instead it went to basketball in conversation with the maverick politics, wine, history and culture of Russia. Soon Popovich had asked her if she would tell him the truth, if he would ask for advice, Hammon reported later. When she said yes, the cooperation with the Player of the WNBA clubs San Antonio Stars was finally initiated. "I do not want a bunch of yes-men," said Popovich. "A very high, very thick glass wall is cracked," ESPN rewrote the foray into the male domain.

The Superstars are pleased with the new approaches. "She has great knowledge of the game, and brings a different perspective," said France's European champion Tony Parker at the Berlin visit.

The "New York Times" sees a sea change in the sex ratio of basketball: "In a broader sense their employment signaled by the Spurs that the skills of a woman as a coach can be dismissed with the assertion no longer that men's basketball is a different game, unattainable, because it is played above the basket. "

Similarly, her father had always said that her desire to play in the NBA, is absurd - now the children dream of the best league in the world met in another way.

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