About Barcelona in the USA - Pleiß: "Ready for the NBA»

The Oklahoma City Thunder hold since 2010, the NBA rights to Tibor Pleiss. Photo: David Plane

The Oklahoma City Thunder hold since 2010, the NBA rights to Tibor Pleiss. Photo: David Plane

From Interview: Florian Luetticke, dpa

Barcelona - In summer, the Oklahoma City Thunder Tibor Pleiss did not want to pull to Dallas or Miami. Therefore, the national basketball player opted for a transfer to FC Barcelona - and feels more "ready" for the NBA.

Since this season National Basketball Association player Tibor Pleiss plays for FC Barcelona. In an interview to the news agency dpa says the 24-year-old offers from the NBA, his personal development and reaching out to the Barça football players.

How have you experienced the first weeks and months in Barcelona?

Tibor Pleiss: Very well, it is of course an entirely different level. It was very exciting because it is a club with great history. Barcelona has a team that plays along every year for the championship, so I decided for the club.

In which moments you realize the culture and size of this club?

Pleiß: Check my medicine I have made ​​for example in a training center where all sports are together - football, hockey, handball and basketball. It's all very professional, extremely large, there are only the latest technologies. If someone is injured, you will be completely managed by physiotherapists, doctors, Fußdoktoren or a dentist.

Are there any contacts with the football stars such as Neymar and Lionel Messi?

Pleiß: Neymar I met on my first day at medical check at the training center, hockey players, many youth players - it's all a big family that belongs together. When I was in the weight room alone, came in a few handball players, including Guðjón Valur Sigurðsson, who played for years in Germany. With him, I was talking in German, as it runs at them so. It is exciting to meet people from other sports.

In summer there was the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat and Minnesota Timberwolves offers for you, but Oklahoma City did not want to leave the rights to you. How did you experience that?

Pleiß: Of course, I felt ready for the NBA and said that I would go over there this year. But Oklahoma has other plans and wants me to be sure, but this year unfortunately had no room for me. Therefore, they have not given me to another team. I hope that I will go over in the next time. I do not know when that happens and I will concentrate first course on Barcelona.

What is this feeling: pride, because you did not want to leave Oklahoma, or clench a little fist in his pocket, because you say to yourself: I have now the quality for the NBA?

Pleiß: I would have expected to go over now, because I had a very good year and have performed very well myself. I still feel ready, but I have to live with the situation. Barcelona is an absolute top club and not the worst thing you could make out of it. I stay motivated and will continue to work on me.

How long has the NBA Oklahoma rights to you?

Pleiß: I assume that they have the rights to live long on me since the last lockout.

As you can see their own situation in Barcelona? The competition with Ante Tomic and Maciej Lampe is quite large.

Pleiß: I have in recent games have already noticed that it is not so easy. I must prevail here, Ante plays here longer, lamp for a year. Both the coach knows a bit longer, because it is of course not easy to prevail. I have to give everything every day in training, so that the coach is still more to me. I think it is normal, Barcelona is of course a different house number.

What are your personal goals and the goals of the club this season?

Pleiß: Of course I want to come in to the team, get my game minutes and help the team, which is important to me. We want this year to be ACB champions and cup winners, coming in the Euro League Final Four and then to be champion. That would be a big thing, to create the first time by Patrick Femerling again in Barcelona.

And then to crown the season the EM with the preliminary round in Germany?

Pleiß: Let's see, but I think it's really great that the EM is taking place in Germany. This gives the basketball more important in Germany, and the course I am very pleased.

PERSONAL: National player Tibor Pleiss (24) started his Bundesliga career in Cologne, won three championships with Bamberg and moved in 2012 in the Spanish ACB to Vitoria. The NBA rights to the 2.18-meter center have the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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